Xbox One controller still takes AA batteries, console has power brick

xboxone2-1Although I don’t always understand the hype myself, the Xbox 360 controller is certainly one of the most popular in gaming history. It still faced a handful of complaints however, many regarding the design of the D-pad and the controller’s reliance on traditional batteries for power. Unfortunately it seems that the latter has yet to be changed; Major Nelson confirmed in a Q&A with Yahoo News that the Xbox One controller will require 2 AA batteries. The console will have its own power needs, of course; current evidence suggests it will need a dedicated external power brick to meet them.

Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson)  swung by Yahoo today to answer questions about the recently revealed Xbox One. One question asked how the new cocntroller battery pack would work, and Larry answered simply: “The controller takes 2 AA batteries.” It seems likely that, as with the 360 controller, seperate rechargable power packs will be available for those who prefer charging batteries to changing them.

Meanwhile, speculation about the Xbox One including a power brick began in response to a series of pictures and videos of the new console posted on Wired.  Pictures of the Xbox One’s internals showed no sign of an internal power supply, and a table of accessories included something that looked suspiciously like a power brick. A Polygon report later confirmed the inclusion of a power brick:

According to Ledbetter, Microsoft’s internal design hardware team for Xbox 360 was two people, while now that group has 27 people to work on details like creating a functional venting design on the right side of the console and creating consistency between the box, the controller, Kinect, the power brick, the retail packaging and the on-screen menus. Each was designed with simplicity in mind, such as how much of the new Kinect’s technology is now hidden behind a panel in front.




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