Xbox One: commercial success?

One doesn’t have to look too hard to find uninspired commercials, and with two of the three major game console manufacturers launching their next-gen products, it’s heating up the airwaves with each companies’ attempt to sway us. We have a total of three brand new commercials for you straight from the Xbox official Youtube channel – and it looks like Microsoft’s marketing team is picking up the ball and running with it. The first one (above) is “His and Hers.” I admit, it made me laugh a bit.

Next is hardware shots in “Xbox One: Revealed” and is well done, though I think the “your ad here” on the music screen was tacky. Since it’s not out yet, it’s no great surprise that the ads aren’t populated – but I would have left that particular shot out.

Xbox One: Revealed

For you NFL fans, we’ve saved the best one for last- “Retirement Home” which shows the integration function of TV, gameplay and chatting. Let’s just hope that the Kinect is doing its job there (as of course, commercials are simulated) and can actually allow a normal conversation over the sounds of the TV.

Xbox One: Retirement Home

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