Xbox Next Rumours: Now with BluRay and 2 GPUs

Amid swirling rumours that have been hitting the ‘net since for the past few weeks, VG 24/7 reports  that according to their sources, the next console in the Microsoft Xbox brand will contain both BluRay and Kinect 2.0 built in. We can also expect not one but two AMD GPUs along with a 4-6 core CPU. Apparently its development name is Durango, and it may require an “always on” network connection to help combat piracy (and potentially used game sales).

Multiple sources have confirmed this morning that the machine will have two GPUs. One said: “It’s like two PCs taped together.” We’re waiting for final confirmation of specs, but the graphics cards are thought to be equivalent to AMD’s 7000 series GPUs, but “not CrossFire or SLI”. The GPUs aren’t structured as they are in a normal dual PC set-up, in which the two chips take it in turns to draw lines of the same object: Xbox 720′s graphics units will be able to work independently, drawing separate items simultaneously.

Kotaku reported last week that the next generation of Sony’s Playstation brand is code-named Orbis, and is also headed for a Christmas, 2013 launch. Neither Microsoft nor Sony have confirmed any hardware details and Microsoft has gone on the record to state that they will not be discussing new hardware until 2013 at the earliest.

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