Xbox Exec responds to “always online” opposition: “Stick with 360.”

Don Mattrick Xbox One Always OnlineAfter details trickled out about Microsoft’s relatively strict DRM policies for the Xbox One, including restrictions on used games and offline play, eyes turned to Sony at their E3 conference yesterday for a response. Sony didn’t disappoint those who disagreed with Xbox One’s changes; they whipped out a knife, thrust it in deep, and twisted it for good measure. Will Microsoft change course, given the response of gamers (and the market)? If this video clip is anything to go by, it doesn’t seem like it.

In the video, Xbox Executive Don Mattrick is seen shrugging off objections to the Xbox One’s mandatory online check-ins as no big deal. According to Mattrick, there is still an option for you if you don’t have reliable internet access: “It’s called Xbox 360.” The interviewer can hardly believe his nonchalant attitude, and Redditors seem equally unimpressed. Have a look:

Really?!? "Xbox One" Executive Don Mattrick Response to Gamers with no stable internet connection.

Update: It looks like the original video clip in question has been removed from Youtube due to a copyright claim. Did Don Mattrick infringe on the #DealWithIt guy’s territory? We’ll continue to keep you updated on Microsoft’s responses, and replace the video if possible.

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