Worms Are Part of the 99%, Too!

The Worms  franchise has been around since I was a kid begging his parents on birthdays and holidays to buy him video games. While I’ve changed quite a bit since those days, physically at least (my neck mutated and grew 4 feet long after being bitten by a radioactive giraffe), the same can’t be said for the Worms  series, which as remained largely unchanged over the years outside of the cosmetics department.

Worms Revolution , announced this morning by developer Team17, will boast a new graphics engine but the gameplay itself looks to be similar to its 2D, turn-based heritage. The devs are promising new features and challenges, while holding onto some of the old fan favorites, such as the Super Sheep and Holy Hand Grenade.

Worms Revolution  is scheduled to come out later this year for PC and “consoles”. I put quotation marks around “consoles” because the press release doesn’t specify exactly which platforms – it’s safe to bet it will make it to Xbox 360 and PS3, and my hopes are that it comes to the Vita.

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