World of Tanks Gets New Mode in Latest Update

As part of World of Tanks’ latest update, the game will be getting a new mode alongside a new map and upgraded models.

World of Tanks’ update 9.2 is available for North American players now, while other territories will be able to acquire the update tomorrow.

The biggest new addition found in the update is the Strongholds game mode. The mode is designed specifically for members of Clan Wars, allowing you to create clan bases and participate in skirmishes with other players. Players will earn Industrial Resources and develop their newly created stronghold to earn in-game bonuses.

“We are very excited to introduce the first iteration of Strongholds to World of Tanks,” said Wargaming’s Anton Pankov. “It is an extremely engaging game mode that combines tactics, strategy and action elements, bringing more depth to the World of Tanks metagame. Strongholds will evolve over time based on feedback from the World of Tanks community.”

World of Tanks Gets New Mode in Latest Update
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