World of Tanks Dev Diary outlines upgrades

World of Tanks is still charging strong, but the team at Wargaming aren’t happy to sit back and relax – they’ve released a dev diary that outlines some of the upgrades they’ll be bringing to their flagship product in the next year.  Volumetric fire, a vastly upgraded visual engine, and much more lies in store for players in 2014.   Check it out:

“It will be a truly transformative year for the game,” said World of Tanks Producer Mike Zhivets. “Enhancements planned for 2014 touch upon the very core of World of Tanks, and each of them will overhaul the look and feel of the title, inducing the tank combat experience we deliver with a whole new level of realism and immersion.”

Throughout 2014 World of Tanks will get the revamped graphics renderer, adding a greater level of detail to vehicle models and providing for a more realistic gaming environment. The technical enhancements in the game will also extend to its physics engine, introducing highly responsive gaming environment, dynamic suspension, blown-off turrets and damageable small parts, whilst its gameplay will be enriched with the much requested Historical Battles and a new meta game functionality—Fortified Areas.

We’ll keep you posted as new Dev Diaries appear to show off some of these solid looking upgrades, but there is something else that this brings to mind….with World of Tanks on the 360 out, could we see this vastly upgraded product coming to Xbox One?   Time will tell…

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