World of Warships gets Apreggio of Blue Steel crossover

The team at Wargaming is no stranger to mixing things up from time to time, offering up wacky new play modes in addition to their steady stream up updates and serious content. Unsurprisingly, this trend continues with their newest addition to the Wargaming family, World of Warships.

Coming very soon, Wargaming will receive a new mode inspired by the naval-themed sci-fi anime “Arpeggio of Blue Steel -Ars Nova-“, bringing with it all new skins, missions, and more. Players will be able to take the helm of the Kongo-class battleships from the show, as well as some yet-unnamed battle cruisers at some point in the future. To round things out, there are even some cool goodies in store for devoted fans. Check it out:

These unique vessels feature Mental Models (humanoid AI avatars) from the show as their commander and will appear with their special, designated vessels. The actual voiceover actress of the main heroine “Iona” has been recruited to lend her talent, calling out battle actions. Finally, players will also be able to select a special “ARPEGGIO OF BLUE STEEL -ARS NOVA-”-themed port to dock their Blue Steel fleet.

We’ve got the announcement trailer up top, but you can read all the details at the official site.  Enjoy the new screenshots and stay tuned for more details.

World of Warships is part of the Wargaming suite of unified free-to-play battle games.

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