World of Warplanes gets a new crew and formation tactics video

Think back to the days of Battlefield 1942.  The runway was absolutely chock full!  Not of planes, but of people who absolutely did not know how to fly them.  They’d fight over a fighter, jump in, and make it into an expensive lawn dart just a few seconds later.   The folks at Wargaming want you to be a better teammate than that, so they’ve released another video tutorial in their Flight School series.  This one covers the most important aspect of flight combat – your crew, and your squadron.  Knowing the nuts and bolts of your aircraft and her capabilities is equally as critical as selecting the right crew before battle.  Here’s a nibble from my review:

World of Warplanes, as does Tanks, starts players in biplanes that predate World War II. For us old schoolers that cut our teeth on Wings from Cinemaware back in 1990, biplanes fit like an old pair of boots. Staring off in a Boeing P-12 biplane, you’ll quickly find yourself graduating to a Grumman F2F before you move up to fixed single wing aircraft like the Curtiss Hawk 75M. Before long you’ll move upwards to the P-51D Mustang, the P-51H Mustang, and even into early jets like the F-86A Sabre, and that’s just on the American side. In all there are American, British, German, Japanese, and Soviet planes numbering over 200 in total. Each of them are assigned hit points, firepower, airspeed, maneuverability, and weapon payload that varies wildly between all of them.

Many of the planes in World of Warplanes are real and saw combat in theaters around the world. What’s better, though is that this game also gives players the chance to get behind the stick of planes that never made it to the battlefield; or better yet, never made it past the drawing board.

Exciting, right?   Along with the just-announced PvE modes in Update 1.5, this video should help guide new players in selecting the right crew and the right plane for the mission at hand.

World of Warplanes is Free-to-Play, and you can check it out for yourself at

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