World of Warplanes Dev Diary 3

World of Warplanes continues to taxi down the closed-beta runway, but they aren’t leaving us in the dark – this morning we see the third Developer Diary on the game.  This time we are focusing on the new game modes, as well as training missions and some quick peeks at gameplay.   Here is a nibble from our interview with the folks from

After our demo we did ask a few clarifying questions about the game.   It turns out that the crew will be adding a full tutorial and new user experience system to help acquaint fresh faces to flying fighters and bombing strategic targets.  In World of Tanks your crew will handle repairs and fix the tracks on your vehicles, but in a plane it is most often a one-man show.  To that end, the crew skills will be more like an RPG, giving the player more skills for their pilot rather than enhancing their team.   Naturally, larger planes like bombers or planes with rear gunners will have a more familiar upgrade path.

You can check out the rest of that interview right here, and you can enjoy the new Developer Diary below.  Look for some more in-depth coverage of the title when we gain access to the closed-beta to take her up for a flight ourselves!

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