World of Warcraft theme park? Picture proof!


Reddit user Francesca offers up pictures from a recent trip to China.  Why is this gaming-related?  Well, her pictures from from an unauthorized World of Warcraft / StarCraft themed amusement park.  I’m not talking a little park either – this looks like it likely took years to build, and from the looks of these pictures, I would absolutely visit!  Doing some digging, I found this information on ” World Joyland”:

World Joyland (环球动漫嬉戏谷, Huánqiú Dòngmàn Xīxì Gǔ) in Changzhou, China (Jiangsu province). Some enterprising business people in China have created an unlicensed, amusement and theme park primarily featuring World of Warcraft-like (very much like in some cases) giant statues and ornamentation. While not all of it is Warcraft themed — there is a large Starcraft themed section as well — much of it is and with some very distinctive features.

The intellectual property theft goes far further – there is also a “Disney” store with knockoff merchandise and mascots.  From the videos I found, it’s a little light on actual rides, but it does look like a fun place to take the kids.   Enjoy the video and the screens with thanks again to Francesca.





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