Winners of Train2Game and Epic Game Jam Selected

The Unreal Engine has been known as the engine for some terrific looking games, including Epic Games’ Gears of War series.  Not long ago Epic Games hosted the Train2Game and Epic Game Jam to not only create games using the Unreal Engine 3, but they created games for the iOS.  Today the winners have been announced.

Top honors of the Train2Game and Epic Game Jam went to The A-Team, who created a side-scrolling action game set in a 17th century provincial town. Second place went to Nova Eye, who impressed judges with their tongue-in-cheek attack on Santa’s workshop aimed to stunt the flood of holiday decorations thereby increasing fireworks sales. Second runner-up Team Gandalf developed a first-person puzzle game in which the ghost of Guy Fawkes haunts the player.

Not bad for only 48-hours.  Take a look at the full Press Release for more details, and look at the bottom for some pictures of the games created and the competing teams.


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