Wild wild west: another Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer released

Developer Rockstar Games may not have been able to release the highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 this year, but they’ve provided the next best thing in the form of a shiny new trailer. While the previous trailer focused mostly on gorgeous vistas, specular lighting and artsy western tableaus, today’s release is a cinematic spectacle featuring what appears to be in-engine cut scenes and gameplay.

The trailer begins with Rockstar’s logo and a healthy smattering of environmental shots before the action kicks in. “You’re a wanted man, Mr. Morgan,” a voiceover says, confirming that the protagonist of this prequel isn’t John or Jack Marston but outlaw Arthur Morgan. What follows is an explosion of gun slinging, a battle on a moving train and even a giant bear, interspersed with dramatic dialogue.

One of the main highlights is an apparently robust hunting and wildlife system, evident in a shot of an alligator attacking a wild boar in a swamp, and a hint of gameplay in which protagonist Arthur can be seen sniping at deer with a bow and arrows.

Rockstar expects to release Red Dead Redemption 2 in late Spring 2018 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One (despite fan petitions, there are no announced plans at this time for PC). You can pre-order it now for $59.99.

Taylor is as eclectic as her taste in video games, and she appreciates aesthetic and a good OST. She has a BA in International Business Management she doesn't know what to do with, and until recently helped immigrants and refugees learn English.

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