Wii U to Launch November 18th With Two Bundles, for $299 and $349.

It’s official. From Nintendo’s Wii U preview event in New York, the Wii U will launch November 18th in the US. There will be two different configurations available, each with different options:

  • The basic set: Includes the Wii U Console with 8 GB of memory, GamePad, AC adapters for both, HDMI cable, and the WiiU Sensor Bar. The console comes in white. This version will cost $299.99.
  • The deluxe set: Includes everything from above, with 32 GB of memory, charging cradle and stands for Wii U and GamePad, and a copy of NintendoLand. Also included is a deluxe digital promotion which will get you points for every single digital download you make, and can be redeemed for free downloads from the eShop. This version will cost $349.99.

Both configurations do not include Wii Remotes or Nunchucks. Nintendo’s reasoning is that there are over 100 million Wii Remotes sold, so it would be silly to force consumers to buy accessories they probably already have (and would definitely bump up the cost of hardware). What do you think? Is the price right? Too high? Sound off in the comments below, and check out this link to watch the conference live, or later as the video will be repeated throughout the day.

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