Who Gives Other People Presents On Their Own Birthday? GOG Does!

Serving as a portal to classic PC games, Good Old Games has been serving gamers who have an itch of nostalgia that desperately needs scratching for three years now. To celebrate three years of resurrecting classics, the website is offering some cool rewards.

First off, if you visit the website you’ll notice a counter. Once this counter reaches 6,000,000 (games sold on GOG), two things will happen: The person who buys the 6 millionth game will receive the entire catalog of games for free. The second is that for 48 hours after the mark is hit, the original Broken Sword  will be available for free to anyone who has an account.

On top of all that, this coming weekend all Dungeon & Dragons classic titles will be 60% off and The Witcher’s  price will immediately drop by $10.

Happy birthday, GOG!

Where's my throphy?

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