When your childhood toy wants to play again, Your Toy now available on Xbox One

Developed by VIVA GAMES and published by E-Home Entertainment as part of the [email protected] program, Your Toy  is a first-person horror puzzle game where you have to escape a nightmare being run by your first childhood toy.

This game promises Asian-sourced horror elements mixed with experiences western Xbox gamers hardly get a chance to see. You wake up in a dark room and must find your way out, searching for clues while encounter your captor: your first childhood toy.

Run for your life through three dangerous levels featuring a dingy restroom, a creepy cave, and a chamber resembling your childhood bedroom. Each area is filled with a variety of deadly puzzles you must solve using only your wits and the environment. Some puzzles are randomly generated on each playthrough so you’ll never see the same solution twice. Be sure to investigate your surroundings for items and clues that reveal the story and can help you out of a tight spot.

Your Toy is available now on Xbox One for $11.99 as part of the [email protected] program, Microsoft’s own embrace of indie games.

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