What happens when Kanye West gets transported to 3030? Now we can find out

147546282_620x350I have no words.  There is no combination of words, numbers or punctuation in the english language that full encompasses how amazing this is.  The events can only be discussed in the old tongue, the speaking of which is said to bring the apocolypse:  इआऌऐऔऌउईआऊऐॠऔऌउईऌउईॠइउईॠइॠऔऔऌइउॠईऐऐॠइउऔॠॠई.  May the dark gods preserve any person who reads those words.  The only hope is for some low-born hero or heroine to find the Diamond of Lost Stars at the end of the legendary KanyeQuest 3030.

The end of the world is nigh.  See you loved ones.  Spend time with your children.  Watch the video below.  Download this game.


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