Welcome to Kyrat trailer shows the midlands and highlands of the Himalayas

The second in the series of Welcome to Kyrat trailers shows off the midlands and highlands in the Himalayas.  As you can see from our hands-on preview with Far Cry 4, Jay really enjoyed the upcoming game, citing a keen eye to detail and some worthwhile upgrades as well.  Check it out:

As for the much-lauded gameplay in the Far Cry series, it returns in full force for Far Cry 4. It is clear Ubisoft Montreal recognized the successes of Far Cry 3 and brought them directly over into Far Cry 4, including the healing, climbing, crafting, and upgrade systems; most of all, though, playing the game is simply fun. Part of that fun is a testament to the controls, which provide little to no frustration and work effortlessly as an instrument to propel the game forward.

Far Cry 4’s release is coming up much quicker than expected, as it is now a little over a month away from its November 18, 2014 release date. Despite the build shown at the preview event being four weeks old, it is clear that the game is ready to hit store shelves. While some questions continue to arise about how the story will unfold, the same great gameplay manages to return from Far Cry 3 and is built upon by tighter controls and smart co-op. There is also a nice new presentation overlay and splendid visuals for our eyes to behold.

Prepare to charge across the landscape on the backs of elephants and gyrocopters on November 18th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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