WB and West Coast Customs build the real car from Mad Max

When I think of Mad Max, my thoughts don’t gravitate to the man, but to Magnum Opus, his death-dealing V8 Interceptor. Well, the team at Warner Bros. teamed up with West Coast Customs to build a real-life version of Magnum Opus. We’ll get to see that vehicle when it debuts on on Fox Sports 2 on April 27th at 7pm PDT, but in the mean time we finally get our hands on some concrete info on the game, as well as a video showcasing a bit more than the teasers we’ve seen before. Let’s dig into the specifics:

Set to release in 2015, Mad Max delivers open world gameplay in a post-apocalyptic setting where cars are the key to survival. Developed by Avalanche Studios, gamers become Mad Max, a lone warrior who must fight to stay alive in The Wasteland, using vicious on-ground and vehicular combat against savage gangs of bandits. Following the theft of his iconic Interceptor, Max must align himself with a gifted, but peculiar, mechanic named Chumbucket and others to build the ultimate war vehicle as he works to escape from the dangerous Wasteland.

How the Real-Life Magnum Opus Vehicle Showcases Players’ In-game Options
• With a heavy duty grill, the player will deal massive damage when ramming enemies, but will also be able to break through tougher gates and constructions.
• Improved transmission and exhaust systems increase the maximum speed of the Magnum Opus.
• High quality suspension not only improves the player’s off-road capabilities, it also counterbalances added weight put on by armor and a powerful engine.
• Differently threaded tires define the player as a driver. Does the gamer want maximum performance on the tarmac roads of Dead Barrens, or in the off-road sandy dunes of the Great White?
• If the player lacks confidence in their combat ability, some added rail guards or armor frames are their best friends, soaking up damage from enemies and terrain alike.
• Is the player stunted by that gaping hole in the highway preventing them from getting to all the goodies on the other side? A better engine would provide the acceleration they need to make that jump.
• Vehicular combat in The Wasteland is neither pretty nor fair. A pair of shredder rims on the player’s wheels will improve grinding damage and give them the advantage.
• Adding a nitrous boost system for the gamer’s car will let them quickly catch up with their prey, or pack that final punch to send enemies flying as the player rams them.
• The Wasteland marauders will sometimes throw themselves through the air and board the gamer’s car. Some well-placed protective spikes will keep them off.
• The harpoon is the most versatile tool. Players can use it to pull off tires, doors and to pull out drivers. If properly upgraded, gamers can even rip away armor plates or pull down watch towers and massive gates.

I’m suspecting we’ll see a LOT more on this at E3 if it’s coming in 2015. Look for Mad Max on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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