Watch Dogs 2’s new DLC comes out tomorrow for the PS4

Ubisoft announced that Watch Dogs 2’s second add-on pack, Human Conditions, will be available tomorrow on the PlayStation 4. The pack is also part of the game’s season pass and will be available on Xbox One and PC on March 23. The pack includes three new DedSec operations, a new enemy archetype, and new Elite co-op challenges.

Human Conditions uncovers three story-driven DedSec operations in San Francisco. Promising more than five hours of new content, the three scenarios (Automata, Bad Medicine, and Caustic Progress) highlight the unsettling concerns that biotech advancement holds.

Additionally, new Elite co-op challenges will be included to test players’ stealth and combat skills. In addition, players will also deal with the Jammer, a new enemy type that carries an anti-hacking device that can disable all hacking options within a certain radius. Players must devise clever strategies to take out the device before dispatching of the enemy.

Watch Dogs 2 is currently available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Human Conditions will be available tomorrow exclusively for PlayStation 4 users, with the other platforms receiving the content on March 23. You can read Ron’s review of the game here, and stay tuned for more news on Gaming Trend.

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