Warner Brothers Picks Up ‘Of Orcs and Men’, Coming Fall 2012

Cyanide Studios has been working on Of Orcs and Men for a while now, a very interesting RPG where you take on the role of an orc and goblin to stop the humans who are trying to eradicate both races.  What’s news to us today is that Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment has announced that they’ll be publishing this title, which is due out this fall.   From what we’re seeing, the orc side is a standard soldier-type, while the goblin is more into stealth, which will lend itself to different playstyles, especially as you can switch back and forth at various parts of the game.

While we don’t have any new screens or video for the title (yet), stay tuned to see what comes out later this week as we continue our E3 coverage here at Gaming Trend.


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