Wargaming helps raise WWII bomber from watery grave

dornierThe team at Wargaming have released a pretty sweet video for the recovery of the German Dornier 17 bomber – (the only one of its kind) which has recently been raised from the waters of the Goodwin Sands off the coast of England.  This video shows that recovery operations, the rebuilding of the incredible aircraft, as well as the incredible history of how this plane was stopped by the RAF.  Regardless of whether or not World of Warplanes is your cup of tea this is a pretty incredible piece of history.  If you are one of our European readers, you can even go see it for yourself!   Here’s a bit about the 10 minute documentary and the Dornier’s place in history, and the museum:

Beginning October 16th, the general public will be able to experience a new dynamic exhibition at its Cosford site, which will explore the background of the legendary aircraft and its recovery. The creation of the ‘ Interpretation Zone’ has been funded by Wargaming, an award winning global game publisher and developer.

The grant of £75,000 has allowed the Museum to work with redLoop: the Middlesex University Design and Innovation Centre, to develop new approaches to the display and interpretation of the Dornier as it is conserved. A number of interventions will tell the story of the Dornier, its recovery and conservation—in both the Museum’s physical and digital spaces.

At both sites, the public will also be able to see an augmented reality Dornier flying above the Museum, showing the aircraft as it would have been seen in 1940. Visitors will be able to view this through their smartphones via a newly developed app. Additionally exhibits at both sites will display multimedia content—from the footage of the Dornier in action in 1940, to a film of the recovery operation and the chance to witness the Dornier in action in the upcoming Wargaming release—World of Warplanes flight combat action MMO.

The Museum has also tied in with organizations across the globe, including the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, The Air Force Museum of New Zealand Museum plus the Pima Air & Space Museum/Arizona Aerospace Foundation to celebrate the launch of the exhibition. Visitors to those Museums will also be able to see the augmented reality Dorniers through their smartphones, hovering in situ.

The exhibition will allow the Museum to develop new education offers focusing on the STEM subjects, as well as creating a space, where community groups and adult education partners can take part in the Dornier experience.

A new dedicated website will also be launched, which will house the story of the Dornier and its recovery and conservation. The website will showcase the social history behind the Dornier, the forensic science behind its discovery and recovery, archive footage from the Museum as well as user generated content. The website will progress with the Dornier project and function as an innovative hyper textual documentary for the project.

What an incredible view of history. Big thanks to the Wargaming team for bringing us this incredible video and for helping bring the Dornier back to life!

Look for our continued coverage for World of Warplanes as we approach the November 12th release date.

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