War Thunder has cross-compatibility play for PS4 and PC

war_thunderLet me tell you why the PlayStation 4 is poised to capture a massive marketshare – games like War Thunder. Why? It’s free-to-play, will be ready for launch, is cross-compatible, and already has more than 3 million players. What does this mean? It means you can jump on with your PlayStation 4 and take to the skies with and against PC players in a seamless fashion! This sort of cross-over play has been rarely attempted, and not often with positive results, but the PlayStation 4 has been purpose-built to tackle this in a big way. We’ve got a brand new trailer for Gaijin Entertainment’s fighter – a 2 minute video entitled “War Thunder Heroes” that shows off a bit of combat from the air, land, and sea.

Since we know the launch date for the PlayStation 4, I can say War Thunder will release (for FREE) on November 15th!

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