War in the pocket, Titanfall: Assault coming to iOS and Android devices on August 10th

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Nexon, Respawn and Particle City have announced that Titanfall will be receiving its first mecha mobile outing in Titanfall: Assault on August 10th. This game is an RTS where you use different troops to advance your Titans in epic PvP battles to control hard points or defeat your enemy’s base.

The newest trailer gives us a look at a new Pilot in the Titanfall universe: the Sim Ninja. The Sim Ninja is a Pilot whose soul is trapped in a robotic body. Using his swords, he slices his enemies down to size to clear a path for the rest of your units.

Titanfall: Assault will also allow you to customize how you do your units, with many choices of upgrading and different units to equip. You can even join a Guild to play with friends and conquer different Guild objectives weekly.

For more information, feel free to visit the Titanfall: Assault Facebook page.

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