Want to uncover the future of PlayStation? Watch the stream here, and join us for a liveblog of the event!

playstationFebruary 20th is finally here, and the day of reckoning has come. Sony is (almost certainly) set to unveil its new console to the public in an exclusive event starting at 6pm EST/3 PST. Will Sony make all of our dreams and wishes come true? Will we finally find out what’s going to happen with the Last Guardian? Will the PlayStation 4/Orbis/Whatever-it’s-called unite nations and bring world peace? Only time will tell.

We’re just as excited as you are, and we’ll be watching right along with you. Or maybe you can’t watch — maybe you’re at your job, at school, or a funeral, and streaming video isn’t exactly the best option. We’ve got you covered. Tune in here when Sony begins their presentation for a liveblog of the entire event. We’ll offer our own brand of reporting and color commentary, so you can stay up to the minute with all of your co-workers/schoolmates/fellow mourners. And if it turns out the conference is about nothing but Vita games, you can be disappointed right along with us.

The future is (hopefully) coming. Won’t you join us?

I've been gaming since my dad made the bad decision of buying me a Nintendo when I was four years old. Every day I'd find myself with my face glued to a TV screen, punching away at buttons, getting furious with Bowser, Dr. Wily, and those freakin' birds in Ninja Gaiden. Since then I have failed to get my parents to play any board game with me, I sold my full copy of Earthbound with box and guide for $300 to some dude in Austria for rent money, and I still believe in Nintendo even after all these years.

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