Want the new Radeon HD 7870 Ghz Video Card? ORIGIN PC Has Your Hook-Up

As we all know, you can never have too much power when it comes to graphics (or memory, or hard drive space…).   With the recent release of AMD’s Radeon 7800 series of video cards, it was only a matter of time before a PC manufacturer incorporated AMD’s answer to the GeForce 570-590 into their lineup.  Today, we have word that ORIGIN PC has announced that they are launching systems with the Radeon 7870 Ghz and the Radeon 7850 options available in both single-card and Crossfire configurations.

“ORIGIN PC is proud to be a launch partner for the new line of AMD Radeon HD 7800 series cards.” says Kevin Wasielewski, CEO/Co-Founder of ORIGIN PC. “With features like a 1GHz clockspeed and AMD Zero Core Technology the AMD Radeon HD 7870 GHz edition offers gamers an incredibly efficient graphics card offering extreme performance and superior graphics processing power for your money.”

Obviously, tricking out a system with these cards can get quite expensive, but it’s possible to build a machine from ORIGIN PC for just under $1400 which includes a minimum of a year parts replacement warranty and lifetime technical support, which can be a lifeline when you just can’t figure out what went wrong on your system.  The company is quickly making a name for themselves comparable with the giants in the world of custom PC builders.

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