The Walking Dead Season 2 Concludes Next Week

TellTale Games has confirmed that the fifth and final episode of Season 2 of The Walking Dead will be released next week.

Episode 5: No Turning Back will come to PC, Mac, and North American PlayStation 3 and Vita owners on August 26th, Xbox 360 and European PlayStation 3 and Vita players will get it the 27th, and those playing on iOS devices will get the episode on th 28th.

To accompany this announcement, TellTale released a recap trailer of both the first season of the game, and all four previous episodes of the second season. At the end of the trailer is a never-before-seen scene from before the first season. Spoilers for all episodes other than No Turning Back are found within it, however.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Concludes Next Week

Recently, TellTale confirmed that The Walking Dead would be getting a third season, but whether or not it will feature current protagonist Clementine is currently unknown.

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