Waiting for Titanfall? Beta details shared…

Microsoft and EA have shared a little more of what to expect from the Titanfall beta, slated for later this week. Three game modes, two maps, and card battles. Wait, what?

Burn cards, introduced late in the video above, are a way to temporarily enhance your combat experience and might just be a bit of an equalizer for those who need a little help in combat.

I personally can’t wait to play this game, but I find myself wondering how the “single player events” are going to work out in the multiplayer-only game. I find my attention wanders in battling the same levels over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, when the combat is just right, I can step into the ring over and over again even if I don’t rank at the top of the pile.

As for the beta? Apparently some of the Xbox Wire staff got their hands on it. It’s not going to make waiting any easier, but you should check it out. It might just help pass the time while the world waits for Titanfall.

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