VoidExpanse selling for alpha flight

VoidExpanse is one of those games we’d love to see make it. Sure, they toss about terms like “procedurally generated”, “real-time combat”  and “skill trees” with the best of them, but it does offer something that we don’t often see.

We like the “choose your own adventure” idea as you decide if you want to explore, run cargo or become an asteroid miner. Fixed-level enemies may sometimes be too easy, but that also means there is a real chance that flight, not fight, is the right choice.

This isn’t just a solo outing: there are different multiplayer options as well, including battling with friends or playing in a persistent online world.

Check out the video above, and if you’re so inclined you can head to their site for more info or to buy. Right now the discounted package during this stage is $10 and gets you into the alpha test, and the opportunity to help shape the direction for the final product as well as a license for the finished game.

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