Virgin Gaming Brings Gaming Tournaments to Xbox Live Gold

Virgin Gaming announced today that they will be teaming up with Microsoft to create the Xbox Live Tournaments service, available later this year. This service will allow Xbox Live Gold users to browse, enter, and compete in tournaments for a variety of games directly from the Xbox Live interface. Gamers will be able to compete for prizes and bragging rights in both free and paid-entry competitions. Alex Garden, general manager of Xbox Live, had this to say about the partnership: 

 “We’re really excited to work with Virgin Gaming to redefine the way people think about video game competitions on Xbox LIVE,” said Alex Garden, general manager, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft. “The launch of the Xbox LIVE Tournament service, powered by Virgin Gaming will bring a wide variety of competitive and casual tournament options to Xbox LIVE subscribers. Our goal is to deliver a play experience that makes tournaments fun and accessible, in a way that resonates with both the core and casual Xbox gamer, and we’ve found a partner that shares that same vision. By teaming up with Virgin we are able to match their expertise in operating a tournament service with our large and highly engaged community on Xbox LIVE.”

Despite Virgin Gaming’s giggle-inducing name, the Xbox Live Tournament system sounds like it will bring something new to console gaming.

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