Vindictus Update Adds Karok, Removes Tokens

Online action brawler Vindictus have delivered some new content today – adding a new playable character to its roster while at the same time permanently removing tokens from the game, allowing players to “enjoy the game as often as and for as long as they want, with no penalty and no cost whatsoever.” But enough about that – what’s up with this new character? Well, his name is Karok and he’s apparently a big’n.

Players have made their wishes known and Nexon has delivered – today’s “Pillar of Strength” content update adds the highly anticipated Karok character and a host of other new features and improvements to Vindictus.

At seven feet tall and weighing in at 400 pounds, Karok is a beast of a man who will bring an entirely new style of combat to Vindictus. After leaving his people far to the south to help the humans fight against the tide of invading Fomors, Karok now stands poised to add his strength, resolve and fighting prowess to the epic battles waged in Vindictus.

It sounds like he’ll be a welcome addition to the game. I like Vindictus, but the last time I played I distinctly recall the character options were a little on the dainty side. You know what the word for a seven foot tall 400 pound bruiser is? I’m not sure, but “dainty” likely ain’t it.

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