Videogame-influenced Musicians Take Over YouTube

mcgroove and joe

Videogames, once a niche hobby enjoyed by a few “anti-social nerds,” is now a mainstream form of entertainment comprised of thought-provoking narrative, beautiful art, and addictive gameplay that, when combined, create incredible experiences you can’t find in any other medium. Music—has played a very important part in shaping these incredible experiences, and is often the thing we remember and gravitate to the most. Just try starting up DuckTales: Remastered and not hum the theme song for the rest of the day—Woo hoo!

My point? Oh yeah. Two very unique and equally talented artists have sprung up on YouTube within the past few months—Smooth McGroove and Joe Jeremiah (A-Bit of 8-bit). The former has already attracted over 400,000 subscribers with his A Capella renditions of classic videogame tunes like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Overworld theme and Sonic – Green Hill Zone; McGroove records himself singing, humming, and beatboxing different tracks and then weaves them together into the finished song you see here!

[youtube id= w=620 h=350]


The second, and by no means last, is Joe Jeremiah. Joe is a guy with a pixelated pair of glasses and tie who sits down in a completely white room in front of a keyboard—and just jams. Joe takes the 8-bit style of music (mostly bleeps and bloops) and turns them into something truly amazing to listen to. Yes, he has covered videogame themes like Halo, but when you hear the Game of Thrones theme in awesome 8-bit, it is just epic. Here is his most recent release, an incredible Disney medley. Enjoy!


[youtube id= w=620 h=350]

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