Veni Vidi Vici – Ryse: Son of Rome launch trailer released

Alongside Dead Rising 3, we’ve also got a shiny new launch trailer for Ryse: Son of Rome.  The final trailer gives us a quick look at the story and brutal combat in the Crytek title.  If you want to show off one of the most cinematic titles to date, coupled with some of the best graphics we’ve ever seen, this is an easy choice.  Here’s a little bit about the story and the multiplayer for Ryse: Son of Rome.

“Ryse: Son of Rome” follows Marius Titus, a fearless Roman soldier tasked with defending Rome from the growing threat of invading barbarian tribes, who he has sworn vengeance against for murdering his family. However, in order to save Rome and achieve his personal retribution, he must confront not only the savage hordes, but also the corruption that has poisoned the empire he has sworn to protect.

In addition to a gripping tale of revenge, “Ryse: Son of Rome” also features Gladiator mode. Step into the iconic Colosseum of Rome and battle, either solo or alongside a fellow gladiator on Xbox Live*, for fame, fortune and the adoration of the crowd. Earn gold to purchase new weapons, armor and in-game items, and forge your legacy in blood and steel upon the sands of the arena.

We’ve been following this one quite a bit (check out the attached game record for all the news coverage) and it looks like it won’t disappoint.  Microsoft has this whole week painted out with coverage.  Yesterday was Dead Rising 3, and Thursday is Ryse: Son of Rome.  Let’s see what surprises today and tomorrow brings!

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