Vampyr E3 Trailer, Release Window Announced

[unitegallery VampyrE3]

DontNod Entertainment, the studio behind Life is Strange and Remember Me, sets their sights on early 20th century London in their newest action-RPG: Vampyr. You play as doctor-turned-vampire Jonathan Reid as you get used to your new skills and the rules of your new form. As Vampyr progresses, you are asked several moral questions to shape how your story will unfold. As a doctor, you had promised to save lives, but as a vampire, you have to choose which humans to feed on in order to survive and grow your powers.

Vampyr will include citizens that react to your decisions and killing one could destroy an entire web of relationships you helped build. In addition, you can build upon your own combat style through different crafted weapons and new vampire abilities to help aid against your fight against a large variety of beasts.

Vampyr is expected to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this November.

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