Uurnog Uurnlimited urns for your affection this fall for PC and Switch

Today, Raw Fury announced that it will publish the upcoming puzzle-platformer Uurnog Uurnlimited this fall. Developed by Nifflas, it will be released for PC and Switch.
While the original Uurnog was released as a Humble exclusive, this extended version will include new features such as co-op, additional endings, boss fights, and a level editor. The game has some unique features, which were listed in a Raw Fury post:

  • Animal stealing… err, collecting
  • Algorithmic music that adapts the melody and more to gameplay
  • Local co-op where your friend plays as an adorable dog on a leash
  • Just want to emphasize how cute this dog is by adding another line about it
  • Really (still talking about the dog)
  • Boss fights, multiple endings, a Save Room that is not what you think, and more!
  • A Steam Workshop level editor (post-launch) that will allow Switch owners to download community created levels. Yes, you heard that right, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD STEAM WORKSHOP LEVELS ON YOUR SWITCH.

With such an odd name and unique gameplay, Uurnog Uurnlimited has urned our respect. Expect more urn puns later this fall when the game comes out for PC and Switch, and stay tuned for more news here on Urning… erm, Gaming Trend.

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