Unboxing the Ghost Edition of Destiny

The servers may not launch until September 8th, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have any Destiny news to share!   Today a rather large box showed up on my doorstep.  What’s inside was an equally big surprise.  My dog, Pazuzu will give the introductions:

Destiny - Ghost Edition Unboxing - 01

Destiny - Ghost Edition Unboxing - 02

With all that protective wrapping out of the way, it was pretty clear pretty quickly.

Destiny - Ghost Edition Unboxing - 03Destiny - Ghost Edition Unboxing - 04

With collector’s editions, you really never know for certain how much quality the end product will have.  Will the awesome statue be everything you hoped?  In this case…absolutely.  Below you’ll find a full 22 images of the unboxing of the Destiny Ghost Edition game, as well as the video above showing off the Ghost that ships with this version.

Destiny servers launch on Monday at 5am.  We’ll be taking our time with the review to ensure that we fully explore the endgame.  Stay tuned as we stream on our Twitch channel and post our first impressions.


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