Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Greets Heroes & Heralds

It’s free.  That’s right: free!  I know, I’ve gotten in the habit of assuming any announcement about Capcom’s fighting game franchises will come with a price tag attached too, but it turns out that this new collectable card-mode for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 arrives today for exactly no money whatsoever!  It’s pretty-

Wait, a CCG inside UMvC3?

Heroes & Heralds is a separate mode that adds new and customizable features to online and offline gameplay. Players will choose between two factions – Heroes or Heralds– and will engage in a series of battles with the opposing side to help save the world or take it over. Gameplay in the Heroes & Heralds mode will be altered through the acquisition of Ability cards that range from basic alterations (speed boost) to game-changing, combo enhancing powers (invisibility or ability to pass through projectiles). Cards can be used in online and offline versions of the Heroes & Heralds modes as well as the training mode. Ability cards are based on classic Marvel and Capcom characters.

That actually sounds kind of neat!  It’s just overview, too: click through a couple of the links Capcom mailed over as part of the release, and you’ll find this blog post about the rarity of different cards, and how each one has different alternate affects on the team depending on what slot it occupies in the deck.  Giving stuff like this away definitely takes some of the sting out of seeing UMvC3 released so soon after its predecessor, making its $40 asking price sound a lot more reasonable.

The Heroes & Heralds pack is available today, December 19th, through both Xbox Live and the Playstation network.

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