UFC Personal Trainer Screenshots

We’ve got a review for UFC Personal Trainer on the Kinect coming up this morning, but before we get to that I wanted to share a few screenshots showing what you can expect out of this gesture-based title.   I also wanted to share something I didn’t put in my review – a personal anecdote told to me by a few of the guys on the development team.  With this title they put out the all-call to try to get testers and ended up with guys and girls that were already ripped and in shape.  They sent them away (clearly after a few promotional pictures like the one above) and went back to the well to get regular folks.  Folks who might have a bit of extra weight, might not be in shape, or might not be as strong as they’d like to be.   These folks nearly universally lost weight, with one person going from over 350lbs to close to 250 in a matter of a few months.  Eat that Extreme Weightloss shows!   Enjoy the screens and stay tuned for our review.   UFC Personal Trainer hits shelves for Xbox 360/Kinect, PS3/Move, and the Wii this afternoon.

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