Ubisoft: More Wii U hardware must be sold if Nintendo expects exclusives


Kotaku has word of some refreshingly frank talk from Ubisoft president Yves Guillemot. When asked if any more Wii U exclusives were coming from Ubi, Yves reportedly replied “We need more sold.They are coming with five of their biggest brands ever. And the Yen went down. So maybe they will take steps that will increase the number of consoles sold.” Those are some optimistic words that follow, but ‘we need more sold’ is a direct statement of the company’s position right now: if Nintendo wants exclusives, they need a larger userbase than they currently have right now.

In a way, Guillemot’s statement isn’t exactly ground-breaking news – I doubt anyone really expected Ubisoft to invest themselves heavily in the Wii U without the system’s sales performing to their expectations. But it’s nice to have the vague PR statements and non-committal responses to direct questions put aside in favor of clarity, and this is certainly a case where it happened.

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