Ubisoft drops the Bass Expansion for Rocksmith

Ubisoft has a sweet announcement today – they are expanding their Rocksmith product with a Bass Expansion.  You can pick it up as DLC, or in October it’ll be part of the main product.  I’ve been thinking of learning Guitar to go with my mad drum skills, maybe I need to pick up a copy myself?

With the new Rocksmith Bass Expansion, players can learn to play bass lines of their favorite songs by plugging any bass guitar.  Players can plug in any six-string guitar to emulate a four-string bass directly into an Xbox 360 console or PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Bass arrangements have been added to the 53 original on-disc tracks and are available for all previously released DLC that feature bass parts, effectively doubling your music experience with Rocksmith. If you already purchased the downloadable content, bass versions are made available automatically. You’ll also gain access to all-new bass guitar features, including tutorials, bass pedals, amps, technique challenges and bass support for the Guitarcade games.

Mike Dunn is working on our review for the original product, and he is also planning to check out this Bass expansion.   Stay tuned for some fret-shredding video soon!   In the mean time, we’ve got a truckload of new screenshots and a video to show off the new content.  Hit the press release below for all the details.

As I write this my wife has expressed an interest in playing Bass.  Guess Ubisoft gets their first customer right here!

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