Ubisoft Brings House M.D. to Facebook

Are you a little sad about the current season of House M.D. being the last? Well, Ubisoft hopes to help the sarcastic but brilliant doctor and his team live on longer– through Facebook of all places. Their new Facebook app House M.D. Critical Cases allows players to join up with House and his team to help investigate and solve medical mysteries. While racing against the clock to cure what’s ailing your patients, you’ll be treated to familiar banter and sarcasm from House and company. Read on for screenshots and the trailer.

Key Features:

  •  Interact with Characters from the Show: Consult with House and his team on the most mysterious cases by running lab tests, investigating symptoms and examining environmental causes to diagnose patients.
  • Manage Your Own Hospital: Run your own Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital by screening clinic patients, managing lab resources and overseeing pharmacy supplies.
  • Work Alongside Your Facebook Friends: Hire friends to help out and perform diagnostic tests, treat referrals and revive crashed patients to save as many lives as possible.
  • Exclusive to Facebook House, M.D.: Critical Cases is specifically designed for social gamers. It’s easy to pick up and play, plus it’s absolutely free

The characters look quite cartoony, but that’s not unexpected for the social app medium. A Facebook app could never be enough to make me forget about one of my favorite shows ending soon, but it can certainly take my mind off of the loss. Check out the trailer and screenshots below to get a look at the gameplay in action. You can find the app on Facebook here.


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