Ubisoft acquires Anno series developer


While you all may know my disappointment with SimCity, you might not have heard me talk about what turned out to be a better product, Anno 2070.  Well, Ubisoft agrees with me and has acquired the company.  Related Designs, a German PC development house, has moved from being 29.95% owned by Ubisoft to a full 100%.  Let’s here what Managing Director of Ubisoft’s Blue Byte studio had to say about it.

“Bringing the talented teams from Related Designs into the fold at Ubisoft is a mutually beneficial evolution of the relationship that we’ve had with this great studio for the past six years, this extremely fruitful cooperation can now advance thanks to the joint teams of Blue Byte and Related Designs more easily sharing experiences and resources. Together we will continue developing awesome games, including Might and Magic Heroes Online, which we hope will become a leading free-to-play title for Ubisoft.” “We’re happy to formally join Ubisoft,” said Thomas Pottkämper, managing director, Related Designs. “This move validates our longstanding partnership and provides our teams with additional resources to expand upon their great work.”

Congratulations to the team.  I’m encouraged by their previous efforts and look forward to seeing how Might and Magic Heroes Online turns out.   We’ll keep you apprised of their efforts.

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