TwitchTV Picks Up New Exclusive Partners for eSports Streaming

For you guys who are into the growing eSports field, this is some big news: TwitchTV has just announced exclusive partnerships with the Electronic Sports League and Team Dignitas. That means TwitchTV will be the go-to site for events and competitions involving ESL and Team Dignitas alike, and these are only the latest partnerships. I’ve been getting into this more and more lately – it’s a great way to learn how to improve your game if you’re into competitive play (I’m a Team Fortress 2 and now-and-then League of Legends guy, mainly), and it’s just plain exciting to see skilled players do their thing.

Here’s some more details straight from the press release.

TwitchTV, the world’s largest video game broadcasting community, today announced exclusive partnerships with Electronic Sports League (ESL), a prominent pioneering eSports league, and Team Dignitas, one of the premier teams in the eSports industry. These highly revered organizations will provide streaming video of their players and events as part of a revenue sharing deal that will benefit both the teams and the network.

“TwitchTV has been an amazing partner for our team,” said Michael O’Dell, owner and managing director of Team Dignitas. “They clearly have the best streaming tools for both broadcasters and viewers, with unmatched quality and service. They’ve really helped us expand our viewership and community. This official partnership highlights the relationship we’ve had for quite awhile.”

Great news for all parties involved, not to mention TwitchTV’s viewers. If you’ve never taken a look at eSports gaming before, head on over to the TwitchTV site and give it a look. They’ve got everything from live streaming footage to ongoing commentary, from pro-gaming coverage to streams of guys playing Dark Souls and Team Fortress 2 – it’s a blast.

See below for our list of partners and affiliates:


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