Twitch App headed for Xbox One in time for Titanfall

I think it might be that March 11, 2014 will mark the unofficial launch of the Xbox One proper – we just got word that the much-anticipated Twitch app, originally planned for launch date will be hitting Microsoft’s newest console on March 11th.  This follows the system updates slated a week earlier that are supposed to fix issues and improve the online multiplayer experience. Announced both on Microsoft’s official Xbox Wire and on the blog, what does this really mean to us?

“Xbox, Broadcast”
With a onetime twitch account setup, Xbox One players will be able to stream their gaming over Twitch, and whats more, you can even have the camera recording you at the same time. With room for up to 10 chat streams, others can join in on the conversation as well as having a moderator to allow the player to focus on the game.

Twitch also allows fullscreen or snapped view, while your viewers can chat via text or join in on the conversation. The game player can even host a private channel and be able to chat outside the Twitch stream. As indicated above, you can simply tell the Xbox to start or stop broadcasting your game session.

As a spectator, you can watch other games, or use the app to join in an active session. Twitch activity will integrate in key Xbox One apps such as Friends and Activity Feed, allowing you to do things like launch a friends game channel, or even flag them for notification. What’s more, the OneGuide will also let you add favorites making it easy to see your favorites.

As someone who sometimes enjoys sitting on the couch watching others play, I’m pretty excited. If this works as well as it sounds like it should March 11 can’t come soon enough.

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