Tropico 4 Propaganda DLC pics and details


Buenos dias, El Presidente!  Welcome back.  Today we have some screenshots for the just-released DLC for Tropico 4, entitled “Propaganda”.   For $4.99 or 400 MS alien dollars you can pick up a new building, trait, outfit, and a full mission.  Here is an easy link for Steam, since many of you likely picked it up in the last wallet-assault sale from that source.   Here’s what we know:

Loyal followers and Tropico 4 fans, El Presidente needs your help! The most glorious island of Tropico has been invited to participate in the International Communist Propaganda competition. Will you help guide our wise leader to victory in “Propaganda”, the new DLC for Tropico 4?

Turn the most absurd propaganda slogans into reality using the new Propaganda Tower building, then use it to suppress protesters and convert citizens to loyalists, or brainwash your people with the PR Specialist trait and ultimately ensure that the rule of El Prez endures! In addition, you can finally compete with the likes of Stalin and Lenin with the authority of the Party Leader outfit.

Tropico 4 DLC “Propaganda” Features

  • New building: Propaganda Tower (suppresses protests and converts citizens)
  • New trait: PR Specialist (journalists brainwash citizens to vote for El Presidente)
  • New outfit: Party Leader
  • New mission: The Communist Propaganda Competition

You can check out the new screens right here.   Viva los screenshots!  Haga clic en ellos ahora!

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