Tricky Towers gets physical this Fall, lands on November 3rd for PlayStation 4

WeirdBeard’s physics-based competitive tower-building game, Tricky Towers, will be getting a physical release this Fall. In Tricky Towers, players stack falling blocks to create a structure that will either reach the height of the goal first, survive the longest or fit the most blocks in a confined space. These three modes can be played locally and online with up to four players. Players can use magic to either add support to their own structure, or attempt to sabotage another player’s chance at success.

If you prefer to play alone, there are 50 trials for you to master. Fans of the Tetris franchise will notice the similarities, but be warned, your blocks aren’t as snappy and can very well work against you if you don’t have a strong, sturdy foundation. Tricky Towers will be released physically on November 3rd for PlayStation 4. If you don’t want to wait for the physical release, Tricky Towers is already available in the PlayStation Store and Steam for $14.99.

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