TrendCast #65- Interview with Tommy Tallarico of Video Games Live

If you have enjoyed the music in video games, then you probably have Tommy Tallarico to thank. He has composed a large amount of video game music. He is also the driving force behind Video Games Live. I interviewed him before E3 to talk about Video Games Live and his upcoming PBS special.

For more information on Video Games Live go to the Video Games Live website.

Host: Keith Schleicher
Guest: Tommy Tallarico

00:00 — Intro
00:45 — Creating Video Games Live
02:03 — Getting support
03:07 — Tommy’s Involvement in Gaming
05:24 — What Makes Good Video Game Music?
07:39 — Technology changes
09:10 — The Melody Is Where it’s at
09:52 — Choosing the music
12:04 — New album and DVD/Blu-ray, new live show
14:38 — web site with tour dates


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