Total War: Shogun Gets Two DLC Packs

The Total War series has been around for a long time, covering many different eras.  Earlier this year they released Shogun 2, covering feudal Japan for the second time in the series.  Now The Creative Assembly has released not one, but two DLC packs for Shogun 2, the Hittori clan and the Blood Pack.

The powerful and secretive Hattori clan, masters of the shadowy arts of assassination and bribery, are now available to unlock in your Total War: SHOGUN 2 campaign. Featuring the most powerful battlefield ninja available, an extra historical battle scenario, extra armor and an XP injection for your Avatar, the Hattori Clan can be played in single and multiplayer campaigns and in online battles. This DLC pack was originally included in the SHOGUN 2 Limited Edition.

If you like your warfare extra bloody, then the Blood Pack is for you, as you can see in the screenshots that have been provided.  Both DLC packs are available now.

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