Tom vs. Bruce Begins Kickstarter Drive

I was always impressed by the amount of work poured into the “Tom vs. Bruce” articles.  Imagine the time it takes to write up a proper after action report of a complicated game, particularly something long, frantically paced, or both.  Now consider the effort required to weave your perspective together with that of someone else.  Simply agreeing on the most pivotal moments to focus on could be a nightmare, not to mention ensuring both voices were given equal time.

Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk made this sort of adversarial AAR an art form, turning out monthly columns in Computer Gaming World for nearly seven years.  That’s proof enough that I’m not alone in my affection for the series, and in the hopes that enough of us old school fans are still around, the writing duo have launched a new Kickstarter drive to resurrect the old rivalry.  Check out the pitch from the guys themselves right here:



The Kickstarter drive to fund ten months of “Tom vs. Bruce” has just begun and will continue until the afternoon of June 28th.   For full details on the goals and reward tiers, including the opportunity to force them to play a game of your choice, check out the complete project page right here.


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