Titanfall DLC ‘Frontier’s Edge’ adds three new maps to Xbox One and PC versions, 360 a no-show

The Titanfall PS4 announcement I keep waiting for hasn’t surfaced yet, but at least new content has arrived which means when the game does finally reach PS4, assumingly with the additional content, it’ll be that much better a value.

Available now is the Frontier’s Edge DLC which adds three new maps to Titanfall on Xbox One and PC – coming soon for Xbox 360. Here’s a rundown of the maps:

Dig Site – A critical asset on the Frontier, Dig Site is surrounded by sheer rock walls that offer natural protection against air assaults. Titans patrol narrow pathways between giant industrial processing plants while pilots leap overhead to attack from above

Export – An exporting hub built on the side of a mountain, Export recalls the boom-towns of the gold rush from centuries earlier. Focused on close-quarters combat, pilots use this to their advantage to gain speed and height, while titans lock down natural choke points that overlook the town below

Haven – Catering to the Frontier’s wealthy elite, this exclusive beach resort rests on the edge of a massive crater lake. Pilots will utilize the sheer walls of the hotel skyscrapers to gain high ground while titans attack from inside art galleries and luxury restaurants
Frontier’s Edge costs $9.99 and is included as part of the Season Pass if you signed up for that.

Frontier’s Edge costs $9.99 and is included in the Season Pass if you signed up for that.

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